NetScript TeleMedicine Solutions

NetScript TeleMedicine Solutions is the Face-to-Face, HIPAA Compliant, Secure, Audio-Video, Clinic Visit using an iPad, iPhone, Android or Laptop to access a Licensed Healthcare Providers from the comfort of your  Home, Office, Vehicle, or While on Vacation.

NetScript TeleMedicine Solutions treats a wide range of minor and common illnesses in patients of all ages along with prescribing or recommending over the counter medications.

TeleMedicine Services Offered

o Headache
o Ear pain/drainage
o Sinus pain/congestion
o Sore throat
o Cough
o Diarrhea
o Nausea/vomiting
o Skin rashes
o Sun Burns
o Insect Bites
o Eye pain
o Eye redness/drainage
o Runny nose
o Joint/extremity pain
o Mouth pain/abscess
o Mouth sores
o Neck pain
o Swollen lymph nodes
o Shortness of breath
o Rib pain
o Abdominal pain
o Constipation
o Pain with urination
o Increased urination
o Flank pain
o And More

This service is not for Emergency or Extensive care service, but rather the basic health related services similar to that found in a 24-hour urgent care clinic. At any point in time during the telemedicine visit the provider may choose to refer the patient to the local hospital for a higher level of care. 

User Agreement Information

How It Works

* The Patient requests an appointment.

o (Next Available, Morning, etc.)
o The Website, IPhone or IPad APP can be used to make appointments.

o This platform is HIPAA compliant and secure for the audio video interaction between the patient and provider.

* The Patient will enter name, address, payment method and a brief description of the symptoms.

o This helps to direct the patient to specialist best suited to treat the issue.

* The Patient receives a text and or email confirmation of the requested appointment time with instructions  to be available 15 minutes early.

* The face-to-face encounter with the board certified medical provider begins.

* Once the encounter is complete the provider will electronically send the prescription to the nearest pharmacy.

* A follow-up appointment will be scheduled if necessary.

* The Electronic Health Record will be made available through our patient portal.