NetScript TeleMedicine Solutions

NetScript TeleMedicine Solutions is the Face-to-Face, HIPAA Compliant, Secure, Audio-Video, Clinic Visit using an iPad, iPhone, Android or Laptop to access a Licensed Healthcare Providers from the comfort of your  Home, Office, Vehicle, or While on Vacation.

NetScript TeleMedicine Solutions treats a wide range of minor and common illnesses in patients of all ages along with prescribing or recommending over the counter medications.

This service is not for Emergency or Extensive care service, but rather the basic health related services similar to that found in a 24-hour urgent care clinic. At any point in time during the telemedicine visit the provider may choose to refer the patient to the local hospital for a higher level of care. 

TeleMedicine Services Offered

o Headache
o Ear pain/drainage
o Sinus pain/congestion
o Sore throat
o Cough
o Diarrhea
o Nausea/vomiting
o Skin rashes
o Sun Burns
o Insect Bites
o Eye pain
o Eye redness/drainage
o Runny nose
o Joint/extremity pain
o Mouth pain/abscess
o Mouth sores
o Neck pain
o Swollen lymph nodes
o Shortness of breath
o Rib pain
o Abdominal pain
o Constipation
o Pain with urination
o Increased urination
o Flank pain
o And More

User Agreement Information

How It Works

* The Patient requests an appointment.

o (Next Available, Morning, etc.)
o The Website, IPhone or IPad APP can be used to make appointments.

o This platform is HIPAA compliant and secure for the audio video interaction between the patient and provider.

* The Patient will enter name, address, payment method and a brief description of the symptoms.

o This helps to direct the patient to specialist best suited to treat the issue.

* The Patient receives a text and or email confirmation of the requested appointment time with instructions  to be available 15 minutes early.

* The face-to-face encounter with the board certified medical provider begins.

* Once the encounter is complete the provider will electronically send the prescription to the nearest pharmacy.

* A follow-up appointment will be scheduled if necessary.

* The Electronic Health Record will be made available through our patient portal.