RAC Defense for Federal and Commercial Contracts

NetScript assist facilities with Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) or Commercial denials. NetScript has noticed a trend with an increase in commercial payors targeting both inpatient and physician clinics records. With both CMS and Commercial payors denying claims in large volumes and more frequently, it is to your benefit to have a Team of Experts provide submission of appeal letters on your behalf.

Since the implementation of the RAC program by Centers of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), there have been many changes in the way denials are written and provider requirement to appeal. NetScript can provide you with the pathway to navigate through the somewhat difficult and confusing appeal process.

From the beginning of RAC implementation to present, NetScript Appeals Team has over 20,000 hours of experience in successfully providing comprehensive appeals letters to the RAC. In addition, NetScript will handle all level of appeals on your entities behalf. From 1st level, 2nd level appeal and 3rd level appeals also known as ALJ (Administrative Law Judge).

NetScript’s vigorous appeal responses to RAC includes clinical criteria, treatment, documentation by physician, appropriate query and physician response validation and references to support specific coding guidelines.

NetScript would like to be your Appeal’s Team and provide written appeals, assistance with tracking and timely turnaround, and appeal training to your own coding team if requested.

Contact Shelly Rideout for a detailed proposal.