Speech Recognition for Federal and Commercial Contracts

In April 2017 NetScript Inc. introduced our new platform for dictation, transcription & Speech Recognition.

Speech Recognition has improved to the point that it may be a viable option for many facilities. Like with many areas of technology, the first few generations have a lot to be desired, and over time, matures into what it was designed to accomplish.

NetScript Inc. has combined our services with the latest speech recognition technology to create an Increased Accuracy End Result with a Decreased Cost.

NetScript Inc. is offering to provide a no cost analysis of your dictating providers to determine if the provider will be a good candidate for speech recognition.

For those providers that reach a high enough accuracy level, the cost of transcription can be reduced, while providers with lower levels will require traditional transcription services. Training is provided for those providers interested in improving their accuracy levels and lowering costs.

This new services is in response to changing technology along with the ongoing demands to reduce facility operational cost.

How It Works

         1. Nothing changes for the dictating providers.
         2. The dictation is redirected through the speech recognition engine.
         3. The end result for documents meeting accuracy levels are sent to Editors.
         4. The Editor corrects and imports into the facilities information system.

For all dictation not meeting accuracy levels to cost-justify the time spent editing, those dictations will be redirected to traditional transcriptionist. For the dictations that do meet the levels of accuracy through speech recognition, the line count rate is greatly reduced.

If you are interested in our new platform, fill out the below form.