Netscript has been a blessing to me. I have learned so much over these 10 years. Netscript offers a challenging atmosphere. The employers are some of the most humble and respectable people I have ever met. I would recommend Netscript to anyone!! 

                                                   Miranda Morrow, Operations Coordinator

Netscript has consistently provided professional and capable services in performing all of the duties requested from them. I use Netscript for help with all things HIM because they are not just another contract company that will do some work and collect a fee. I have seen them demonstrate genuine concern for my facilities, and strive for their contract to be win-win for all parties.

I highly recommend Netscript for any HIM-related engagement for a client in need of HIM expertise at any level, from coding assistance all the way to management of the entire HIM function.

William Page, CFO, FHFMA, CPA   

I have been a part of the Netscript crew for almost 3 years. The administrative staff has been very attentive as well as very communicative when it comes to taking care of their staff. The pay is great along with very flexible hours. The only requirement they ask is that we follow a couple simple rules; do your job to the best of your ability, have effective communication, keep your CEU’s up to date and always abide by HIPPA. I believe we are a team of Integrity, Compassion and Wisdom. 

I wouldn’t trade them for any other company I plan to be here with them and to continue to watch us grow into something fierce. It’s been an awesome experience working for them and can’t wait to see what the future has in store. 

                                                                                               Alice Hinds 

Great Company!

Kelly Ring, HIM Supervisor  


NetScript is a family-oriented company that encourages education and growth from within. I have worked here at NetScript for almost a year now, and I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity. The entire management team is always available and at the ready to tackle questions and issues. The QA staff is extremely helpful and very eager to share information and assist MTs individually with kindness and consideration. They care about their staff and it shows. You feel like an important part of a team here and it is very refreshing. As NetScript continues to grow they care about preparing their staff for that growth with guidance and respect. I am very happy working for NetScript, and I feel at home here and looking forward to a very long relationship. 

                                                                                                  Kathy Jones  

NetScript is a great company to work for. They actually care about their people. 

                                                                                           Katrina Edwards                                                                                              

I have been blessed to work for Netscript for almost 4 years now, I love my job. I have never worked for employers who are as caring and supportive as Mr. and Mrs. Rideout. To them, Family comes first and I feel like part of the family here. This job allows me to occasionally travel to locations and to work from home. When my mom was diagnosed with Cancer, they were at my side daily during her Hospice care.  When I had a horrible family drowning, not only were they at my side for support, but were also divers in the rescue attempt. How many bosses would do that? I am proud to call them family as well as employers. I could not ask for a better work environment than Netscript. 

                                                                                               Johnna Wedge                                                                                                                                                                                        

Anytime that we have any issue, I can call them and we can have the issue resolved.  They are always available.

Shannon Stevens, Director of Health Information 

NetScript has proven over the past 2 years to be a vital part of my daily process and I would highly recommend NetScript and it’s fine staff to any facility in need of transcription services. 

The day-to-day personal attention to detail and planning that NetScript provides in preparation to provide services is unending.  They truly care about being apart of patient care.

Barbara Jo (B.J.) Krueger MD PLLC  

Working for Netscript has been a truly rewarding experience. Everyone I work with is friendly, knowledgeable, and team orientated. Being a member of the Netscript team is so much more like being a member of a family. 

                                                                                            Amber Pedersen 

NetScript is a GREAT company to work for. Everybody works as a team to provide the best quality work and everyone is treated like part of the work "family". 

                                                                ShaShawn Maze, Transcriptionist


NetScript……A family of caring professionals who recognize and genuinely appreciate our dedicated efforts, while inspiring each of us toward continuous success. We are a committed team that has built enjoyable relationships.  The company’s guidance and leadership inspire us to go the extra mile to make a good job a superior job. NetScript, you are simply the best!!!! 

                                                                                              Ellen Jefferso​n  

I have had the privilege of working with NetScript for the past 8 years as a transcriptionist. NetScript is an excellent company who really cares about their people and the work they're doing! 

                                                                                                    Sara Wilson

Anytime that we have any issue, I can call them and we can have the issue resolved.  They are always available.

Shannon Stevens, Director of Health Information