Netscript has consistently provided professional and capable services in performing all of the duties requested from them. I use Netscript for help with all things HIM because they are not just another contract company that will do some work and collect a fee. I have seen them demonstrate genuine concern for my facilities, and strive for their contract to be win-win for all parties.

I highly recommend Netscript for any HIM-related engagement for a client in need of HIM expertise at any level, from coding assistance all the way to management of the entire HIM function.

William Page, CFO, FHFMA, CPA   

NetScript has proven over the past 2 years to be a vital part of my daily process and I would highly recommend NetScript and it’s fine staff to any facility in need of transcription services. 

The day-to-day personal attention to detail and planning that NetScript provides in preparation to provide services is unending.  They truly care about being apart of patient care.

Barbara Jo (B.J.) Krueger MD PLLC  

Great Company!

Kelly Ring, HIM Supervisor  


Anytime that we have any issue, I can call them and we can have the issue resolved.  They are always available.

Shannon Stevens, Director of Health Information